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VEETech assists their clients by providing a variety of investigation services to help minimize the environmental risk associated with owning property. These services include:

One of the most common investigations required is a Phase I - ESA (Environmental Site Assessment). The purpose of an ESA is to review the past and present land usage, site conditions and site operations and to evaluate potential areas of concern for environmental responsibility and public health and safety.

With VEETech, P.C., a Phase I - ESA is done in accordance with ASTME 1527-05 & 40CFR312 and consists of the following:

Who needs an ESA?

An ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) of a property or business may be performed either voluntarily or may be required by a financial institution. The individual ESA is specifically designed for the site and parties involved. Situations that may require an ESA include, but are not limited to:

  • Property transfer and/or purchase agreements
  • Liability protection (buying or selling)
  • Facility closure/transfer plan development


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