Clients Served
  • US Navy - NAVFAC SE
  • US Air Force
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Marine Corps
  • Homeland Security
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • North Carolina DOT
  • South Carolina DHEC
  • AT&T
  • California Water Services
  • Lucent Technologies, Inc.
  • Georgia Power Corp.
  • Consolidated Diesel Co.
  • Amrep, Inc.
  • Atlanta Gas & Light
  • General Electric
  • Imperial Chemical Industries
VEETech successfully manages and executes projects requiring significant simultaneous activities; real-time integration of customer, regulatory, and public coordination and input; and the development of effective solutions to unexpected technical, regulatory, and/or management challenges. With over 15 years experience in federal contracting along with state, local and private clients, VEETech has maintained a 87% repeat business rate over the last 5 years demonstrating our ability to consistently provide excellent service to our clients.

Current Contracts

Mobile District - US Army Corps of Engineers -Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) for Architecture - Engineering (A-E) Services to provide Environmental Support to military, civil and federal agencies.

Contract # W91278-10-D-0088 awarded in July 2010

Environmental and A/E Services Areas
  • Environmental Compliance
  • HTRW
  • Water and Wastewater Services
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Range Services
  • Sustainability Programs


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